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  • 3rd Quarter Peer Review: Virtual Peer Review

3rd Quarter Peer Review: Virtual Peer Review

  • 08/03/2021
  • 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Virtual Meeting


  • For SCNCAC member Children's Advocacy Center Forensic Interiewers

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This virtual forensic interview peer review session is open to Forensic Interviewers from member Children's Advocacy Centers of the South Carolina Network of Children's Advocacy Centers.

Virtual peer review will include a brief presentation and discussion on recent research and/or interviewing techniques. This will be followed by discussion and feedback on forensic interviews that have been viewed by participants. The interviews will not be viewed during peer review, rather registered participants in the peer review session are required to watch the interviews within 1 week prior to peer review. Participants will be provided with secure links to view all interviews. A Peer Review Feedback form will be provided to registered participants that is required to be filled out after viewing each interview. This will help you to organize your feedback for peer review. Peer Review Feedback forms are now a mandatory requirement for a certificate.  

Certificates will be provided to those who demonstrate participation in peer review including viewing all interviews for the session, completing the peer review feedback forms and engaging in discussion during peer review. We are also requiring all web cameras to be on during Peer Review.

We are also requesting that each Forensic Interviewer attend this virtual peer review on an individual tablet or computer. There should not be more than one participant on a computer or tablet as it is difficult for two or more attendees to participant on a single computer or tablet. This will better support our attendance process. We are also hopeful this will decrease technology difficulties. 

You will need to use the registration code provided to you to register for the session. Registration closes on July 15th.

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If you have not received a registration code or need additional information, please use the link below to contact our Program Director.


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