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Durant Children's Center Satellite CAC

04/19/2021 6:04 PM | Thomas Knapp (Administrator)

Our member Children’s Advocacy Center in Hartsville is doing their part to #BeHeard4Kids during child abuse prevention month and all year long in their five-county service area. The Durant Children’s Center recently received Satellite Membership from the National Children’s Alliance for their Satellite Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) in Sumter County. This Satellite CAC is also recognized by SCNCAC and is an integral part of our statewide CAC Development Plan. Gloria McClary, Program Director for the Durant Children’s Center, says “Our success is made possible through the dedicated members of our community who work alongside our organization. We work with various agencies and departments to ensure a child is protected, and that the experience of healing does not inflict further trauma. The multidisciplinary approach ensures there is a community-based network of professionals who collaborate for the child and their wellbeing while ensuring there is a clear and manageable path forward for parents and children alike.”  The Durant Children’s Center also recently received re-accreditation for their home county CAC in Hartsville. We extend our congratulations to the Durant Children’s Center for this great work.

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