The final days of December are a time for us at SCNCAC to reflect on the successes we have had and the challenges we faced throughout the year. Thankfully, the challenges have been few and the successes many, thanks in large part to your ongoing support. It has been a year of change and as we enter a new year, there will be new opportunities to empower South Carolina communities and our member Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) to deliver a best practice response to child abuse. 

At our annual CAC membership meeting this month, we rolled out a new public awareness campaign called #SHINE. The staff here at SCNCAC are committed to providing assistance to our CAC/MDT members so that they can continue to be the light that survivors can turn to.

As you may know, one of our strategic plan goals for this year was to expand our training opportunities for our member CAC staff and Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) members. We conducted multiple training sessions during 2019 to include, building resiliency, victim/family advocate, board bootcamp, MDT, and various other sessions at membership and board meetings. There were approximately 825 registered attendees who received training and professional development from SCNCAC trainings in 2019.

We were able to improve on diversification of our funding in 2019 and one part of that success was through the award of a joint grant from the Duke Endowment and BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina Foundation. This 1.1 million dollar multiyear grant will help to fund the recommendations in our SCNCAC development plan and remove barriers to services in rural and economically disadvantaged areas of South Carolina.

In October, we launched our new statewide CAC database and are currently working out technical issues and developing reporting formats. A future goal of this project is to integrate with the South Carolina Department of Social Services database to ensure all children are receiving the services they need.

Any brief summary like this is bound to leave out some accomplishments and I am sure many of you could add to this list. Most importantly, we at SCNCAC are thankful for your support during 2019 as we work with our member CACs to provide healing, justice, and trust for the 1 in 10 children in South Carolina who will be sexually abused before their 18th birthday. Together with all of you we are making a difference!

Happy Holidays,

Tom Knapp
Executive Director



Please join us in welcoming Brooke Kenney as a new team member here at the South Carolina Network of Children's Advocacy Centers. Brooke is our Administrative Coordinator and she started on 12/16/19. We are excited to have her on our team. We are all looking forward to a great 2020 as we continue our work of empowering South Carolina communities and Children's Advocacy Centers to deliver a best practice response to child abuse.


CAC Spotlight - Children's Recovery Center, Myrtle Beach

Since 2008, the Children’s Recovery Center in Myrtle Beach has been working in “tight, cozy corners,” but now, they have purchased the neighboring blue house to match their current small pink house. Although, the blue house doesn’t look much bigger, there are 7 offices and a separate building in the back which has another 2 offices. Children’s Recovery Center will be operating out of both locations. Forensic interviews and medical exams will remain in the pink house while the therapists, who work for Family Bridges Therapy, the Executive Director, bookkeeper, and the 2 forensic interviewers will be operating out of the new blue house.

Current CAC Location


New CAC Building

“We have seen an increase in the number of kids we are seeing by 20% over the last five years. In 2014 we saw 286 kids, this year we will see over 400! We are going to make an area in the pink house for our MDT partners, who come to watch interviews, to meet and be able to confer about cases. Right now, they are in a room a little bigger than a closet. This is going to give us the opportunity to serve our kids better without being on top of each other.” – Louise Carson, Executive Director, Children's Recovery Center.

SCNCAC is excited to see the good this brings to Children’s Recovery Center and the children of Myrtle Beach and surrounding communities.



On November 8th, over 60 Forensic Interviewers from 17 CACs attended this years Statewide Peer Review with National Speaker Rita Farrel who is the Lead Forensic Interview Specialist at the  Zero Abuse Project. Attendee's spent the day learning and exploring techniques to better support clients with polyvictimization and streamline screening questions.In addition, this year SCNCAC  hosted 28 training opportunities across South Carolina:

  • Building Resiliency for CAC & MDT: 8 Training's Total and 161 Attendees
  • Family Advocacy Training's: 4 Training's Total and 53 Attendees
  • Forensic Interview Peer Review Session and Statewide Peer Review: 13 Events total and 194 Attendees total
  • Multidisciplinary Training's: 3 Training's Total and 61 Attendees
We look forward to continued growth for our training programs in 2020.


On November 21st SCNCAC presented this year's final Advanced Level Training for our member CAC Victim and Family Advocates in Columbia. The training focused on the response to juveniles who exhibit Problematic Sexual Behaviors.

In addition, advocates learned how they can involve a multidisciplinary systemic approach to meet the needs of the whole family. This training encompassed the spectrum of research involving juveniles involved with Problematic Sexual Behaviors and why Children’s Advocacy Centers are important for an effective strategy to identifying juveniles and treating them. Twelve Advocates from around the state came together to explore and learn techniques to better service and support families.

We are looking forward to next years Advanced Level Training opportunities for Victim and Family Advocates.



Below is a list of upcoming events for 2020.  Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or wish to add an event to our list.

Jan 6:

SCNCAC Building Resiliency Training (Hartsville)

Jan 21:

SCNCAC Collaborate Training (Florence)

Jan 24:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Upstate)

Jan 27-31

ChildFirst South Carolina (Columbia)

Jan 31:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Lowcountry)

Jan 28:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Pee Dee)

Jan 31:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Midlands)

Feb 2:

SCNCAC MDT Training (Hartsville)

Feb 5-7:

SRCAC Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Huntsville, AL) - Learn more

Feb 7:

SCNCAC Membership Meeting (Columbia)

Feb 14:

Feb 15

10th Annual Julie Valentine Luncheon (Greenville, SC) - Learn more

Hopeful Horizon's Race 4 Love (Beaufort, SC) - Learn more

Feb 26-28:

Zero Abuse Project 2020 Summit (Orlando, FL) - Learn more

Mar 3-5:

SRCAC Team Facilitator 2.0 (Huntsville, AL) - Learn more

Mar 5:

SCNCAC Building Resiliency Training (Rockhill)

Mar 9-10:

SCNCAC Initial Victim Service Provider Training (Columbia)

Mar 23-26:

NCAC International Symposium on Child Abuse (Huntsville, AL) - Learn more

April 1:

Children’s Advocacy Center Day (Columbia)

April 17:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Midlands)

April 20-24:

ChildFirst South Carolina (Columbia)

April 23:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Upstate)

April 30:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Lowcountry)

May 5-7:

SRCAC Medical/Legal Training Academy (Huntsville, AL) - Learn more

May 19:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Pee Dee)

May 19-21:

SRCAC Introduction to Team Facilitator (Huntsville, AL) - Learn more

June 19:

SCNCAC Membership Meeting (Columbia)

July 13-17

ChildFirst South Carolina (Columbia)

July 14-16:

SRCAC Team Facilitator 2.0 (Huntsville, AL) - Learn more

July 14:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Pee Dee)

Aug 8:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Midlands)

Aug 19-21:

SRCAC Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Huntsville, AL) - Learn more

Aug 21:

SCNCAC Membership Meeting (Columbia)

Aug 27:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Upstate)

Sep 1-3:

SRCAC What Executive Directors Need to Know about Direct Service Provision (Huntsville, AL) - Learn more

Sep 3:

SCNCAC Forensic Interviewer Peer Review (Lowcountry)

Sep 30:

SCNCAC Building Resiliency Training (Greenville)

Oct 16:

SCNCAC Membership Meeting (Columbia)

Oct 26-30:

ChildFirst South Carolina (Columbia)

Dec 11:

SCNCAC Membership Meeting (Columbia)

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