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SCNCAC has partnered with VidaNyx to help provide Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) in South Carolina with a cloud-based digital video evidence management system for forensic interview recordings. VidaNyx supports the critical work of CACs and Multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) with a number of benefits including cost savings, time savings in procuring evidence, security in distributing interviews, efficiency in case management and much more! With these savings, CACs have more time to focus on supporting survivors’ healing. While this system is currently funded through a non-recurring state funding allocation to SCNCAC, we are always seeking innovative solutions to provide long term recurring funding for this system in order to meet the needs of CACs, Multidisciplinary teams, and the over 11,000 children and families they serve each year in South Carolina.

About VidaNyx and How You Can Help

Each year in South Carolina CACs provide services to over 11,000 abused kids. Most of these children receive forensic interviews which is a critical first step in reducing the child’s trauma and providing healing. The forensic interview also provides evidence for judicial proceedings and helps to prevent others from falling victim to the same perpetrator. All CACs need a video management system and VidaNyx is the leading cloud-based digital video evidence management solution for these interview recordings.

Impact in South Carolina

The VidaNyx pilot project launched in late November of 2019 in South Carolina when a few CACs began using the system. The VidaNyx Impact report, to the right, shows the impact of implementing VidaNyx in CACs in South Carolina recently, including  cost savings by MDTs. This is data that, without VidaNyx, is not captured by MDTs, and it helps support reporting, updating MOUs and identifying trends in MDTs. SCNCAC manages and provides this statewide system for all CACs and MDT partners in South Carolina. If you are a CAC/MDT staff member, you can find more information and a discussion forum about Vidanyx on SCNCAC Connect using the login button below.

VidaNyx supports the critical work done by Children’s Advocacy Centers in South Carolina by efficiently and securely protecting the distribution of forensic interviews to Multidisciplinary Team agencies. VidaNyx includes 12+ layers of cutting-edge cybersecurity to protect against unauthorized access. View this short video to understand the layers of security built in to provide peace of mind to CACs, MDTs and the thousands of families they support each year in South Carolina.