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SCNCAC has partnered with Voyce to provide interpreter services for Children’s Advocacy Centers in South Carolina. The service can be used for forensic interviews, forensic medical exams, therapy services, and other client contacts. Voyce provides industry-leading language support and other advanced integrations to give Children’s Advocacy Centers in South Carolina the tools they need to improve outcomes for child abuse victims and family members. With interpretation available in over 240 languages and dialects, Voyce ensures Children’s Advocacy Centers will always be able to communicate when it matters the most.

About the SCNCAC Voyce Partnership

Once a SCNCAC member Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) in South Carolina is added to the SCNCAC Voyce account, they are provided with programmed  iPad devices, high-quality iPad portable stands, complete with articulating arms, and kiosks to the interpreter service. In addition, the Voyce web application allows interpretation access from any modern web browser without any downloads required. The Voyce proprietary mobile app which is available on iOS and Android devices, ensures CACs can access interpretation services on their own devices when needed for on-the-go services. The Voyce service is fully compliant with all health privacy laws and regulations, including HIPAA and PHIPA. Voyce’s suite of features, compatibility, and delivery options ensure a seamless interpretation experience for Children’s Advocacy Centers in South Carolina.

More About Voyce

With a click of a button, Children’s Advocacy Center teams are able to support children and families who need language support in as little as 30 seconds. Voyce’s trained interpreters are confidential, easy to access, and follow all privacy regulations. All interpreters receive 60+ hours of additional training to provide accurate and empathetic interpretation in settings that require care.

SCNCAC Member Voyce Service Information

SCNCAC member CACs who want to use the Voyce Interpreter Service need to contact SCNCAC to be added to the SCNCAC account. SCNCAC provides information and announcements regarding the Voyce Interpreter Service for member CAC staff and MDT partners through our member web-based professional networking community SCNCAC Connect. Members can use the button below to log in to SCNCAC Connect. Once on the SCNCAC Connect home page, you will see some important announcements on the dashboard. All announcements and information important for members using the Voyce Interpreter Service are also posted in the Voyce forum. In the left column of the SCNCAC Connect home page, there is a forum link where information on the interpreter service is posted for members. We encourage all members who are using the service to check the Voyce Forum regularly to keep up to date on important service announcements and information.