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Initial Victim Service Provider Training

The SCNCAC initial Victim Service Provider (VSP) training is a blended learning course which combines in-person classroom instruction with an online learning component that is conducted via the SCNCAC eLearning portal. It has been approved by the South Carolina Department of Crime Victim Services Training and the National Children’s Alliance for accreditation standards. The course is helpful for both new and experienced victim service professionals at Children’s Advocacy Centers and their Multidisciplinary Team members. Participants must complete the online portion of the training before attending the in-person training. The initial VSP training course consist of 24 hours of instruction. The first 9 hours are completed online at your own pace and the remaining 15 hours are completed in-person on designated dates and locations.

Continuing Education Credits and Certification Information

This course is approved by the South Carolina Department of Crime Victim Services Training (CVST) for Core VSP Certification. If you are already VSP certified and have completed Core VSP certification in the past, the course is approved for 22 hours of South Carolina VSP continuing education credits. Attendees who are not currently VSP certified in South Carolina and successfully complete both the online and in-person trainings within the designated time frame, may qualify for core VSP certification through CVST if the appropriate application for VSP certification has been submitted prior to the start of the in-person classroom portion of the course. This course is also approved by the National Children’s Alliance to meet the accreditation requirement for 24 hours of victim advocate training in the topics specified in the CAC accreditation standards.

Steps for Completing the SCNCAC Initial VSP Training:

Please be sure to review the steps below as they are critical for the successful completion of the Initial VSP Training program.

  1. Register for one of the SCNCAC Initial VSP Courses via one of the links below for the session you wish to attend. There is no fee for Victim/Family Advocates affiliated with a member CAC but you will need a registration code provided by your CAC or SCNCAC. No registration code is needed to register as a non-member and pay the non-member fees.
  2. If you are are a South Carolina Victim/Family Advocate and are not already VSP certified, apply for VSP certification through the Department of Crime Victim Services Training, Provider Certification, and Statistical Analysis (CVST) prior to the start of the in-person training. Use the link below to apply.
  3. Complete the SCNCAC online training content within the required time frame. You will receive instructions for the online training once you register for the SCNCAC VSP training.
  4. Attend the in-person training in adherence to the SCNCAC Virtual Training Guidelines.

Please be sure to review our Virtual Training Guidelines. Attendees who do not comply with these guidelines will be dismissed form the virtual session and not be able to successfully complete the program.

How to Register for SCNCAC Initial VSP Training

Click the registration link under your desired onsite training session below for registration information.

August 2022 Initial VSP Training Offering

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the in-person classroom portions of this training will be conducted live but in a virtual online setting. This session meets both SC VSP requirements and NCA Accreditation requirements. Click on the image to the right to view the training flyer*.

  • Registration opens – June 1, 2022
  • Online modules open – July 4, 2022
  • Registration closes – July 29, 2022
  • Deadline to complete online modules – August 7, 2022
  • In-person live virtual classroom schedule
    Day #1: August 10, 2022  8am – 3:30pm
    Day #2: August 11, 2022  8am – 4pm
    Day #3: August 12, 2022  8:45am – 1pm
  • *See note at bottom of page for viewing instructions

What is a CAC?

If you are a new Victim Service Provider, it is important to know that this training will allow our victim advocates to meet both South Carolina Victim Service Provider training requirements and meet the National Children’s Alliance accreditation standards for victim advocacy as well. If you are new to the CAC/MDT movement, this short video provides a brief introduction on what a Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) is and what the 17 CACs in South Carolina do in the statewide response to child abuse. We look forward to seeing you at the Initial VSP training and let us know if you have any questions.

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